Starseed Ascension: The Far Side of Left Field

She Heard the Butterfly Awaits the Music of Her Soul

To Shine through and Save Her

Love is More than Battling Demons and Calling Angels

It's Who You Choose to Be After Coming to Terms with the Truth

I agreed long ago (along with many others) to help remind people who they are and to redistribute an important message, one song, the song of love. The time has come for me to fulfill my sacred contract with the Divine. I am here to tell you that it is a critical time here on Earth. We are in desperate need of healing. We are beginning to recognize this as we awaken to the understanding that there is more beyond our world.

We are happy to announce our upcoming Starseed Ascension Program where we will explore:

*Activations *11/11 Portal *Connecting with your soul family

*Are you an Earth soul, Interplanetary (Starseed) soul or Angelic soul? *Understanding your purpose and discovering your soul origin *Embodying and anchoring more light into the physical body (*the physical body is key*) *Channeling with our Guides *Creating a light container *Time travel *Ancient Egyptian Technology (Star Codes) *Energetic Health codes *Light Language *Solstice Celebration *Reclaiming Our Power *What are next steps?

I will share my story, how I came to understanding this call and how it connects to your journey. We are all connected.

I am sure you all have been feeling it, and it can be challenging not to numb ourselves as many emotions and feelings within the body come up. Some of you have experienced the physical ascension symptoms (the headaches, digestion, dizzy, ears ringing, etc.). You may be having vivid healing/awakening dreams. Once we begin to understand from a bigger perspective, we can begin to make sense of what is happening, feel better physically, feel more joy and receive clarity on our role. This is a time for alignment and collectivating (collectively activating big shifts). The team is made up of my own teachers, healers, mentors, guides and soul fam.

We are in the great awakening. Everything is shifting quickly. We must first look inside to create the reality we want outside. Who are we? Why did we come here? What is our purpose? How do we connect with our soul families? How do we anchor more light? Can we hold and speak big bold truths without censorship? We are excited to take this journey with you. We are activating the lens of love. We are breaking free from the chains. We are stepping into higher states of consciousness. Leaders, wayshowers, starseeds, warriors of truth and light, let’s activate into our high-frequencies. Trust you are needed in big ways.

Our Cause Awaits

Calling You Home

Check it out:

Put on your landing gear. We have arrived.

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