The Truth Behind the Mezzanine

Somehow money had become the only thing that mattered...When had this happened?

Aim High they tell us, but don’t forget to limit yourself. Do or be anything you want, but only if it aligns with the American dream: the money, the marriage, the house, the kids. Be sure to sacrifice passion for a better income opportunity. Day after day we continue to preach this message, and for what purpose? Let’s get real. Many of us (albeit not all) dislike our jobs. We complain about them. We talk about what we would do if we could do it all over. We talk about “one day” I’ll do this and “one day” I’ll do that in an attempt to keep our distant dreams alive. So then, why would we ever wish this same misfortune upon anyone we love? We should pursue our passions and encourage our partners, our friends, our children, to do the same, even if it does not fit the mold of the status quo or feels too risky for our comfort. Let's support each other along the way.

Take Alice for example in Through the Looking Glass. No matter which path Alice takes, it keeps leading her back to the same place instead of to the place she is trying to go. She's gone in different directions, but it is of no use. She declares, "I am really going to do it this time," and yet, is still unsuccessful. There was nothing to do but to start again, only this time with the help of friends she meets along the way. Finally, she is able to make it to her destination, thus achieving her goal.

Finding your tribe and people who will encourage and support your dreams is paramount. Because the truth is we get to have it all. Love. Joy. Abundance.

"Most of the time people have wonderful ideas. Those kinds of projects need nurture. They need vital support from warm people. We want to put ourselves in a situation where, like the plants and trees, we move toward the sun."

So remember to ask the most important question, "Where is the soul?" Listen. And then follow that path.

Quotes taken from Women Who Run with the Wolves, Clarissa Pinkola (an amazingly powerful and influential book)

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