Starseeds often experience feelings of being different, as if they do not belong on Earth. They have had incarnations on other planets and experience a longing for "home". Starseeds are very much human but have a deep soul remembrance of our higher vibrational light. They have unique psychic abilities such as telepathy, channeling and clairvoyance. As Starseeds awaken to their high vibrational radiant light, more of their manifestation abilities come to focus. It is not always easy being a Starseed and many have gone through some very challenging experiences and traumas. There is a repair process that takes place in the form of self-healing, and this is where many Starseeds can use support. It is important to get the support required to activate and continue this process so that they can fullfill their soul mission. Starseeds are here to help raise the vibration of humanity and help support others through their own awakening process. 

Lightworkers are very similar in that they bring light to others, have psychic abilities and help to awaken humanity. However, they may identify as having more of an Earth based connection. Whether you identify as a Lightworker or Starseed, we are here to help others to awaken.

I offer support through this process through any of the services I offer. Please reach out. I would love to hear from you and discuss how I can help support you through you on your journey. 

Starseed and Lightworker Support

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