Diamond Light Codes are 'symbols' representing Geometric structures of light. They provide energy transmissions that awaken dormant aspects within your DNA, helping to align you with the frequencies of energy streaming on to our planet. The codes are often referred to as the Language of Light, Diamond Light Conciousness, the Arcturian self or Christ Consciousness. When you work with the Diamond Light Grid, you awaken the codes. When you work with the codes, you help to build the light body. The codes and the grid provide coherent energy to help repair electrical circuits in our body in addition to awakening our DNA. It is within these sections that some of our greatest potential as spiritual beings is realized and brought into physical expression. All of our emotions have chemical analogues that our DNA codes for, and each of these chemicals has a complex vibrational waveform or geometric configuration. The Light codes can help disrupt our emotional feedback loops by transmitting the geometric configurations in association with our perfected state. 

Our DNA is conitually being re-created and what it does is dependent on our emotional and energetic responses to life situations and circumstances.

Due to the vibration, you should only work with up to 3 codes at a time. Each session includes an intuitive reading, Diamond Light Code energy transmission, personally selected codes and instructions to continue working on the codes outside of or in between sessions.  

Diamond Light Code Session

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