For you or as a Gift

Readings and Energy Healing Sessions 

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Intuitive Healing Session

This is for individuals that may be having life challenges that they wish to further explore in a safe environment and are seeking awakening/soul journey, healing or starseed support. Sessions may include intuitive chat, energy readings, energy work (quantum healing, Holy Fire Reiki, Shamanic, purple light ray, DNA/Cellular, 5D Heart-wall*, diamond light codes**), trauma healing and other healing modalities such as guided meditation/hypnosis, relationship and past life healing. 


*5D Heart-wall Clearing: Removing the walls that we have put up due to past emotional injury, preventing us from fully opening our hearts to others and receiving the love we desire. 

**Diamond Light Codes are 'symbols' representing Geometric structures of light. They awaken dormant aspects within your DNA, helping to align you with the frequencies of energy streaming on to our planet.

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Reiki w/Energy Read

Reiki helps to balance the body's energy flow, eases stress, promotes relaxation and supports physical, emotional and spiritual healing at the root cause level. 

Includes channeled feedback where I will share what comes through your energy field, as it pertains to your healing journey. 

*Pet reiki w/reading available by request



Reiki/Reading Combo 90 Min

Includes two different kinds of readings in addition to reiki: A psychic/mediumship reading (past, present, future, past lives, connecting to loved ones on the other side, angel/guide messages) and energy/chakra reading.   

Reiki w/Energy Read

(Mini Specials)

40 Minutes

20 Minutes 

*Readings sent via text or email 

Energy Read Only

Text message or email to share what is coming through your chakra system/energy field. 

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Channeled Reading

I can channel your Past, Past Lives, Present, Future, Departed Loved Ones and provide Intuitive Guidance from beyond to help support your soul journey. 90 Minute read includes reading/energy healing combination.

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Multidimensional Coaching /Intuitive Development

For those looking to further develop their spiritual gifts, I offer an eclectic mix of services we can explore together: trusting our own intuition and messages, galactic channeling, intuitive/psychic development, reading people in person and remotely, self hypnosis, past lives, energy healing in person and remotely, mediumship, channeling spirit guides, loved ones on the other side, angels, multidimensional beings. 

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Soul Retrieval 90 Minutes

When we suffer trauma, accidents, separation, loss of a loved one, or go through difficult periods in our life, little pieces of our soul are lost. Soul retrievals are an effective healing method by restoring the loss at an emotional, physical and ancestral level.