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Hi. My name is Jamie Vos Love. I am passionate about music, spiritual exploration and helping people all over the globe. I am an Ascension Mentor, Psychic Medium, Starseed and Celestial Shamanic healer offering healing support, spiritual guidance, intuitive development and channeled readings for those seeking guidance or a connection with (departed loved ones, spirit guides, angels, galactics, light beings, ascended masters). I offer a safe space to listen, explore gifts, and help remove energy blockages preventing us from experiencing joy and abundance. You ultimately are your own healer and gifted being of light. I help work with you to dig deeper into what it is that feels heavy or blocked and use a series of modalities to offer energetic and loving guided support so that we can align with your goals whether it be personal, health, love, career or overall abundance. I offer private sessions and packages so that we can commit to the journey and effect real change. Healing is truly a partnership as the power is within you. We will work on learning to trust ourselves, so that you feel confident and clear on your path moving forward as we explore your inner workings. I seek those who are committed to this journey and trust that when you are ready, we will connect should you feel energetically aligned. In addition to healing and channeling, I specialize in intuitive development for those seeking to take their gifts to the next level.


Prior to channeling openly, I had a Spiritual Awakening Experience that changed my life. I felt like I was on top of the world until I became so lost in darkness that I never thought I would find my way back to the light again. I was in such a low place, I didn't know what else to do. Fortunately, I was blessed to reconnect with my gifts and receive support from an amazing team of teachers, guides and healers. Investing in my personal journey to reconnect with a side of me that felt like it was in disconnection changed my life. I am now truly the happiest I have ever been after severe depression and suicide attempts . Words cannot express my gratitude.  It is my intention that by speaking my truths and sharing my gifts, I can help others. I am grateful to work with clients from all walks of life internationally and to further support ascension. I am formally trained in Reiki (certified Reiki Master Teacher), Quantum Healing and Shamanic practices. 


See Sessions for Full Servive Listing:  Intuitive Development, Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher Levels 1-4; Soul Coaching, Starseed Support, Advanced Shamanic Studies, Multidimensional and Celestial Healing Modalities, Light Code Activations, Past Life Regressions, Mediumship, Quantum Healing, Akashic Records, Channeled Readings, Diamond Light Codes, Advanced Study for Children and Animals, Guided Meditation and Hypnosis, Intuitive Development/Spiritual Gift Expansion, Ascension Mentorship, Intuitive Business Support for Spiritual Entrepreneurs.

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