Unleash Your Power/Intuitive Development

(Co-Hosted with Ashley Rose) 

10 week Online Intuitive Development Course. Mindset, Why we Fear our Gifts, Clearing Chakras, Protection Practices, Channeling, Mediumship, Tarot, Oracle, Channeling Tools, Spell work, Manifestation, Live practice.

August 25 (Zoom) 

Connecting with Spirit Guides/Intuitive Development

Combines training and material from Intuitive Development and Connecting with Our Spirit Guides.

Intuitive Development I 

Come explore your intuition with other like minded individuals. You will have a chance to practice hands-on in a safe and friendly environment. We are all intuitive, and this class applies to anyone interested in strengthening their intuitive muscles. 

Intuitive Development II 

We will take a deeper dive into psychic-mediumship to further explore our gifts in a safe and friendly environment. We will explore psychometry, reading photos and practicing personal readings with and without the utilization of cards.  

Intuitive Development III

We will leverage key insights from intuitive development I and II and practice our gifts with volunteers who have offered to be read by you to help support your journey. 

Kids and Adults Intuitive Development

This class is customized for kids who would like to attend class and learn with their parent, guardian or special adult human. In this class we explore intuition, crystals, animal spirits, music and other fun techniques. 


Connecting with Our Spirit Guides

Come learn and explore hands-on methods of communicating and connecting with our spirit guides in a safe and friendly environment. 

After Death Communication 

Co-Presented with Pat Fero

Pat Fero and Jamie Vos will share their experience connecting with those on the other side and tools for connecting yourself. Jamie will offer a brief individual reading for each participant. 

Reiki Certification Usui/Holy Fire I 

Classes TBD due to availability and private training/certification requests. Please contact me to check availability for an individual session. 

Reiki Certification Usui/Holy Fire II

Classes TBD due to availability and private training/certification requests. Please contact me to check availability for an individual session. 

Reiki Masters Certification Usui/Holy Fire III

Reiki I and II certification required. 

Advanced Energy Healing Techniques 

Explores advanced energy techniques used in conjunction with Reiki and other modalities, to strengthen and enhance the healing energy.