July 15, 2018

In 2009, I had a dream that I will never forget. After embarking on a mystical journey, I came to a door inside the back of a house. As I walked through the door, I heard a deep, vibrational sound. On the other side was a very beautiful tree surrounded by bright rays of light. The image of the tree would not only stick with me but would become the guiding star on my new path. The tree image would lead me to a spiritual path of growth and development with a focus on helping others in need.  Shortly after the dream, I found myself in Hilton Head for a work conference where I had a deep tissue massage that would change my life. Reflecting back on this moment, I am convinced that the masseuse must have been an energy healer, only I had no idea what an energy healer even was at the time (and no idea that I would one day be one). I emerged from the spa feeling a strong connection to nature and others. Everything seemed so beautiful, the colors of the flora, fauna, trees, the sky, the sun. I...

July 14, 2018

I once was too afraid to accept my gifts and speak my truth. Like many of us, I worried too much about what people would think. What would people say when I revealed that I regularly communicate with the spirit world and channel messages from Angels, loved ones on the other side, spirit guides, and ETs. If I was going to fulfill my life purpose, I would need to let go of that fear. I feel very lucky and blessed to be doing what I do now :-) 

July 11, 2018

Somehow money had become the only thing that mattered...When had this happened?

Aim High they tell us, but don’t forget to limit yourself. Do or be anything you want, but only if it aligns with the American dream: the money, the marriage, the house, the kids. Be sure to sacrifice passion for a better income opportunity. Day after day we continue to preach this message, and for what purpose? Let’s get real. Many of us (albeit not all) dislike our jobs. We complain about them. We talk about what we would do if we could do it all over. We talk about “one day” I’ll do this and “one day” I’ll do that in an attempt to keep our distant dreams alive. So then, why would we ever wish this same misfortune upon anyone we love? We should pursue our passions and encourage our partners, our friends, our children, to do the same, even if it does not fit the mold of the status quo or feels too risky for our comfort. Let's support each other along the way.

Take Alice for example in Through the Looking G...

July 2, 2018

Often times there is something amazingly beautiful standing right before us, and yet we fail to understand the value of this gift. We revert back to old patterns that take us down the same roads with the same unsatisfying results. The painful realization of what we lost in order to explore something that we already knew in our heart was a dead end, settles in. By the time we realize that what we were looking for was already there, it’s usually too late. We must understand what we are giving up when we make the choice to leave the present for the past. So today, look at the gifts that are present in your life and express gratitude. Tell someone you love how special they are to you. You will be glad you did. I promise.

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