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Ascension Mentorship and Gift Certification


You know you have psychic powers. At times you feel in tune, ascending flawlessly and as if there is a magic carpet under your feet. Other times you feel disconnected with your guides and like nothing is working. This program is designed to align you to your sovereign energy so you are in tune, in alignment and well equipped to flow through your day to day life with ease, grace and flow. We will work on gift development and expansion. This is to empower you to utilize your gifts while feeling in alignment with your purpose. These gifts can be applied to all areas of your life no matter what part of the journey you are in. Some choose to become readers (Psychic, Mediumship, Shamanic, Astral, Light Codes, Akashic), energy healers (reiki certification all levels and advanced modalities if desired), and teacher training available while others choose to enhance their own business, career or simply their personal life by trusting both the messages that come through for themselves and others. Learning to trust your gifts can help you to feel better physically, energetically, emotionally and spiritually. This is a safe environment to explore in. 


Please contact me to schedule a discovery call to discuss level of

support, training and certification details as there are different plan options to best align with intentions. Gift Development ranges from all levels even to advanced techniques depending on your desires. 

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